Last SCC Gold

Fencing tournament in the SCC is completed, as well as the World Combat Games

Champions' Games

Quarterfinals in men's foil contest and women's epee contest are completed.

Russia without failures so far

First stage of women's epee and men's foil tournament is completed.

Sword Dancing. Fencing tournaments have started

Last day of the SWCG in SCC promises lots of excitement: men foils fencers and women epee fencers are coming on the pistes, among them are reigning Olympic champions.

At the point of the blade. Announcement for 26 October

Saturday, October, 26 the final day of the SWCG will resound with clinking of epees and foils.

The wrestle is over

On Friday, 25 October the wrestling program in SCC was over.

Deja vu in SCC: 6:1 every evening

Team contest on freestyle wrestling on the SCC mat gathered today real world stars.

Ekaterina Diachenko: «Only the Korean athletes had time to resume the fit»

Russian sabre fencer won bronze in the individual contest, having won Vasiliki Vouyeouka (Greece) 15:11. After the match the representative of St. Petersburg school shared with us her impressions.

Point-Fighting is more than just sports

Point Fighting athletes showed their respect to each other and admitted there's something special in their sports after the World Combat Games finals were held in Yubileyny Sports Complex on Friday.

Almost Ultimate Fighting

Pankration tournament is completed. Today there were 3 sets of medals in different weights and not a single match for gold was completed before time.

Shauna Bannon: De Bei did well but I did it better

The Irish boxer Shauna Bannon who celebrated his 20th birthday two days ago won gold in women's Point Fighting in the World Combat Games tonight. She defeated 2010 WGC champion Gloria De Bei in the final bout.

Ju-jitsu competitions are over

Nine finals took place on the second day of the Ju-Jitsu competitions in the World Combat Games. Sportsmen form 6 different countries won gold medals.

The Final of the Morning Calm

Tonight final matches of the tournament of fencing have finished in SCC, where women competed in the individual saber championship, while the men crossed epees on the pistes.

Kickboxing competitions are over

On friday night kickboxers competed for 4 medal sets in point fighting.

Nurbek Akanov: «It's not the final that was most difficult for me»

Belt wrestling in the heaviest and most spectacular weight +90 kg is completed.

Russians end Low Kick competition on a high note

Four Kickboxing Low Kick finals were held on Friday and Russian athletes won three of them.

4 medal sets in full contact kickboxing were wrapped up

2 gold medals stay in Russia, one goes to Norway and one to Hungary.

Fencing in SCC: Semifinals results

The list of the deciding matches in women's sabre and men's epee tournaments is set.

Andrei Voitsik: «We want to prove that belt wrestling is beautiful!»

Second start for belt wrestling is given. Now the contest passes in the over 90 kg category.

Fencing in SCC: Quarterfinals results

Women's sabre and men's epee quarterfinals are completed.

No quarter! Pankration starting at the SCC

Men's pankration tournament in the weight of under 66 kg, 77 kg and 84 kg is starting in St. Petersburg SCC.

Karina Aznauvourian: «World Combat Games are similar with the Olympiad»

Karina Aznauvourian, two times Olympic Champion, World and Europe Champion, told us about her important mission as the SWCG ambassador and of her cherished combat – fencing.

When swords cut more than tongues

Fencing tournament is going on in St. Petersburg SCC with rounds of 16.

When ministers are fencing. Announcement for October, 25, SCC

On Friday, 25 October we'll be able to see VIPs not only on the tribunes but also on the arena itself.

Kickboxing. October, 25. Preview of competition day

World Combat Games competition finals will be held today at the Yubileyny Sports Complex. There're twelve divisions in Point Fighting, Low Kick and Full Fontact disciplines. The combats start at 4 pm.

Ju-jitsu. October, 25. Preview of competition day

On Friday second competition day of ju-jitsu tournament will be held. 9 more medal sets will be wrapped up at the Yubileiny Sports Compex.

Women's wrestling in free style

Team Russia gain a sound win in women's team tournament on freestyle wrestling which finished in the evening of 24 October in St. Petersburg SCC.

Erba's touch

The final match of fencers in men and women categories preceded after battles for the third place.

Holding the belt

First medals in belt wrestling have been divided today among men under 90 kg. As the expert say, this kind of wrestling is especially interesting and spectacular precisely in the heavyweight. Such was this time.

GI-roes of jidogi

Grappling competitions are completed. First to come on the carpet were 71 kg athletes.

Ju-Jitsu. More smiles please

Nine out of eighteen finals took place on the first day of Ju-Jitsu competitions in the World Combat Games and brought some smiles to the faces of athletes, their coaches and supporters.

Women's boxing champions shared their delight

3 winners of women's boxing tournament at the Games told about their emotions after becoming champions.

Fencing: not all hopes come true

Quarterfinals and semifinals in men's sabre contest and women's foil contest are completed.

Russian middle-weight boxers are unstoppable

In the middle-weight final bouts in men's boxing in the World Combat Games Russian athletes entertained their guests and won another five gold medals in the process.

Grappling: waiting for the final matches

Grappling tournament is going on in SCC. Despite the yesterday's triumph of Russian wrestlers (team Russia took 3 gold medals in the NoGi category), today they showed worse performance, some weight categories haven't even entered the semifinals.

Aleksandr Grechiha: Defeat in the final is no better than any other

Ukrainian Aleksandr Grechiha lost his final bout in men's boxing -64 kg division and admitted there's no much difference between defeats on any stage of a tournament.

3 from the first 5 gold medals are staying in Russia

In light weight categories 3 gold medals was won by boxers from the Games host country.

Tightening belts

Today the SCC witnesses belt wrestling – the most ancient kind of combats, with images depicturing it in rock painting

Grappling – now in Judogi

Second day of grappling tournament has started. What makes it different comparing with what you saw yesterday is Judogi.

En garde! Защищайтесь!

Fencing started in St. Petersburg SCC. Best masters of sabres and foils will fight today for the WCG medals.

Par terre and sword. Announcement for 24 october, SCC

On thursday, 24 October St. Petesburg SCC will welcome musketeers, and wrestlers will put on Judogis.

Alexander Karelin: «Wrestling is creativity, poetry and humane philosophy»

Final Greco-Roman match between Russian team and World team gathered many honoured wrestlers. Neither has missed the Games the nine times champion Alexander Karelin, the WCG ambassador. Karelin told us what is being a wrestling ambassador at the Games.

Wrestling day

On Wednesday, 23 October there was wrestling in St. Petersburg SCC. Men and women were deciding the best in the NoGi grappling category – without Judogi.

World classics

Russian team has gained a sound victory with the score 6:1 over the World team in the Greco-Roman team tournament which finished in the evening of 23 October in St. Petersburg SCC.

Per dolor ad aurum

Final battles between men and women in grappling have finished. Today Russian piggy-bank was enriched by three gold and one silver medal.

Ju-jitsu Preview of Competition Day, October 24

On Thursday ju-jitsu competition starts at the Yubileiny Sports Complex. Sportsmen will compete for 9 sets of medals.

Boxing Preview of Competition Day, October 24

Boxing finals in 10 men's and 3 women's categories will be held in at the Yubileiny Sports Complex on Thursday at 2 pm.

Sakchye Tapsuwan: International Federation is doing it's best to promote Muaythai as the Olympic kind of sport

President of International Federation of Muaythai Amateur Sakchye Tapsuwan and President of Russian Muaythai Federation Dmitry Putilin at press conferenced about Maythai competitions at the World Combat Games talked about the results, Olympic perspectives of Muaythai and professionals at amateur competitions.

Kickboxing. Review of competition day

On Wednesday semi-finals in all kickboxing disciplines were held and names of all finalists are revealed.

Muay Thai. Review of the final competition day

On the final day of men's Muay Thai competition at the World Combat Games there weren't one but two final bouts between athletes from Thailand and Russia. And hosts eventually lost on both occasions.

Ziyavutdin Isaev: «Grappling is wrestling use by the special forces»

FILA technical delegate, the Russian Wrestling Federation vice-president Ziyautdin Isaev told us today where grappling came from.

Women's Muaythai competition is over

On Wednesday women competed for 3 medal sets in Muaythai. Gold medals went to Norway, Thailand and Peru.

Vlad Marinescu: «More than 120 states get online broadcasting»

Vlad Marinescu, «SportAccord» Director General about SWCG-2013 preparations and TV broadcasting all over the world.

Fatima Pinto: I would like to fight for champion's belt of some professional organization

World and European Champion Fatima Pinto from Norway won the gold medal of the World Combat Games in Muaythai. In her final fight Fatima beat Miss Wongsriwo (Thailand).

Press conference announcement

On Wednesday, October 23 at 8 pm a press-conference on the results of the World Combat Games Muaythai competitions will be held in the press center of Yubileiny Sports Complex.

Wrestling at full swing

Preliminary matches in all weight categories are over.

No judogi

Grappling competitions are on the run in St. Petersburg SCC. Today grapplers compete in the «NoGi» techniques, which means – «without judogi».


On Wednesday, 23 October St. Petersburg SCC hosts grappling and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Muay Thai. October, 23. Preview of competition day

Muay Thai fighters will compete for eleven medal sets on the final day of their World Combat Games competitions. The finals starts at 4 pm.

Kickboxing. October, 23. Preview of competition day

There're no less than twelve categories in the World Combat Games kickboxing competitions and the names of their finalists will be revealed today at the Yubileyny Sports Complex.

Julie Gabriel: This competition is a big success for International Savate Federation

On Tuesaday press conference with Savate officials were held after the last medals for this kind of sport were recieved by fighters.

The day of senseis

Tuesday, 22 October, in St. Petersburg SCC passed under the colours of aikido and kendo. The masters of aikido demonstrated their brilliant techniques at the mat, this time even more spectacular – with weapons in their hands.

Power of beauty and beauty of power. Kei Izawa and Mitsuteru Ueshiba speaking about the WCG-2013

The WCG have been attended by many dignitaries and highest functionaries from the aikido world.

Only Japan, only win!

Two days kendo tournament is over. Competitions on kendo among the highest dan participants confirmed once again the power of Japanese kendokas.

Aikido. Lessons of great masters

Between day and evening performances on the mat today, an autograph session was held by master Ueshiba , the great-great-grandson of Morihei Ueshiba, founder of aikido. Mitsuteru Ueshiba - one of the most respected functionaries of the aikido world, the ambassador of the martial art in the World Combat Games.

France won 6 gold medals in 8 Savate finals on Tuesday

Six finals in men's Savate Combat were held. 4 gold medals were won by French fighters. In women's Assault 2 more gold medals went to France.

Women's Boxing: America strikes back

American girls won both of their fights in women's boxing semi-finals in the World Combat Games on Tuesday. It relieved some wounds left by their men's team results on the same day but it wasn't that easy.

More gold is needed: Russians set sights on eight titles in men's boxing

Russian athletes were triumphant on the second day of the World Combat Games boxing competitions. They won eight out of nine men's semi-final bouts on Tuesday with two of those fights ended early.

Daniel Soto: There is nothing more important than a win

After the semi-finals in men's boxing coach of the USA national team Daniel Soto shared his impressions about the performance of the American team. From 6 boxers representing USA only 1 reached final.

Welcome to arms!

Today at St. Petersburg SCC the masters of spiritual energy are demonstrating aikido techniques using weapons – sword and dagger.

Cresencio Ramos: In final I will fight better

In weight category 60 kg Cresencio Ramos representing USA national team has qualified to final. In semi-final in a very close fight against Adilet Bekeev from Kyrgyzstan he suffered a dissection above his right eye but won on score 2:1.

Press conference announcement

On Tuesday, October 22 in 9 pm a press-conference on the results of the World Combate Games Savate competitions will be held in the press center of Yubileiny Sports Complex.

When winning is not the key point. Second day of kendo

The exciting kendo program in SCC is at full play.

Secure covered. Announcement on October 22 in the SCC

Tuesday, October 22 at SCC audience will be able to watch the continuation of the strong spirit martial arts — aikido and kendo.

Russians and Thais will compete for most gold medals in Muaythai

On Monday, semi-finals in all weight categories of Muaythai were held. 6 Russian and 5 Thai sportsmen will compete for gold medals of the SportAccord World Combat Games.

Boxing. October, 22. Preview of competition day

Muay Thai semi-finals will be held in the Main arena at Yubileiny Sports Complex today. The first of the bouts starts at 2.30pm.

Savate. October, 22. Preview of competition day

On the final day of World Combat Games savate competitions athletes will compete for eight medal sets — two of them are the full ones in women's Assaut discipline and other six in men's Combat discipline.

Spirit, Body and Sword

New kinds of martial arts came to St. Petersburg SCC arena on Monday.

Kickboxing. Mixed emotions after the opening day

World Combat Games kickboxing competitions have began on Monday. And it turned out to be a glorious day for some athletes while others were left shattered.

Eastern gold in oriental martial art

The tournament with a kendo masters of 3-4-5 Danes has ended. At first women have decided the medals destiny.

Path of Warrior – humility pride

In the SCC the first stage demonstration of aikido has finished.

Alexander Kachan: «When martial arts become sport, they lose the heart of martial art»

Head coach of Russian National Aikido Board about competitive element and self-perfection.

The way of the sword. Kendo at SCC

Kendo competitions are open now at SCC. Those who supposed that kendo is a martial art for contemplation were wrong.

Day of Spiritual Unity. Announcement for 21 October, St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex

On Monday, 21 October, in St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex it will be time for aikido and kendo.

Kickboxing. October, 21. Preview of competition day

The World Combat Games kickboxing competitions begin with quarter-final bouts on Monday. But there's a long way to go as the winners will be decided on the final day of the Games.

Muay Thai. October, 21. Preview of competition day

Muay Thai semi-finals will be held in the Main arena at Yubileiny Sports Complex today. The first of the bouts starts at 6pm.

Ippon for Japan

20 October finished in St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex with men's team judo contest.

Marius Vizer: I am satisfied with competitiveness at the Games

The president of SportAccord organization Marius Vizer shared his impressions from first days of the World Combat Games.

Savate. Assaut and Canne de Combat champions shared their delight

World Combat Games champions Sarah Tribou and Benjamin Latt (France) and Ivana Popadic from Serbia shared their emotions and opinions on their opponents.

Two gold and one silver medal for France in savate

Ivana Popadic from Serbia added a pinch of salt to a French golden cake after she won her final bout.

The Judo of Rising sun

The men's team judo contest is over, again bringing team Japan on the podium in this martial art.

There's a long road for Savannah Marshall

2012 world boxing champion Savannah Marshall insists there's a long road ahead to regain her best form.

Coach of Savate Russian national team Sergey Bulanov : Sidorkin didn't lose his semi-final

The coach of Russian national team summerised the results of semi-final fights of Russians in men's Savate. Alexander Sidorkin lost to Ljubomir Cestic (Serbia) on points (3:0) and Alexey Sachivko beat Josip Gruic (Croatia).

Best for children. Champions' classes

A master class by Olympic champions 2012 Arsen Galstyan, Mansur Isaev and Tagir Khaibulaev took place today in St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex. London Olympic Games leaders gave a few quite useful classes to young judokas.

Quarter-finals in men's boxing were held

On Sunday 6 men's quarter-finals in 4 weight classes on boxing were held.

French savateurs are victorious again

All five French savateurs won their respective semi-final bouts on the second competitive day.

Before the Finals: Japanese Again?

The list of judo men's team finalists and bronze competitors is set.

Valentin Chebochakov: Maybe early start is better than late

Russian Valentin Chebochakov in a close combat beat Mirlan Turkbai from Kyrgyzstan (2:1). After the fight Chebochakov shared his impressions about his start in competition.

Fathi Mira: Competition is high but we hope for the best

Fathi Mira, France national savate team coach, shared his views on the results of the opening day.

Masculine judo

Men's team contest quarterfinals have just finished.

Announcement for October, 20 in St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex

On Sunday, 19 October the whole Sports and Concert Complex is looking at the judo mat where judo team contest takes place.

Savate. October, 20. Preview of competition day

Three full medal sets will be on stake in savate at the Yubileiny Sports Complex on Sunday. Also a number of names of the bronze medalists in other categories will be revealed later today.

Boxing. October 20. Preview of competition day

Boxing competition is starting on sunday. According to tournament regulations medals are guaranteed to some of participants even before their first fight.

Russian-japanese gold

On October, 19 judo came to St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex.

Savate semi-finalists names were revealed today

Six French savateurs won their respective quarter-final fights today so there's only one Frenchman who lost his opening fixture and was eliminated. Four Russian athletes will compete for the places in savate finals.

«This is Vasya!»

Sumo tournament at World Combat Games finished positively for St. Petersburg: Russian athletes took the top places in both men's and women's open division.

Names of the semifinalists in Muay Thai were revealed

On 19th october Muay Thai quaterfinals were held in all weight classes.

Everyone wrestles, Jepanese win. Results of women's team judo tournament

Women's team judo tournament is over.

Valentina Shevchenko: I am here not just to participate but to win

Seven-time Muay Thai world champion and a winner of the first World Combat Games Valentina Shevchenko (Peru) won her first fight versus Zuunast Altansukh (Mongolia) by knockout. Valentina told that she is pleased with tournament organization and revealed her aim for the Games.

Akhmed Khaibulaev: It was my aim to get to the final

Akhmed Khaibulaev (Russia) was left disappointed after he lost to Igor Liubchenko (27-30) in Muay Thai quarter finals.

Sumo light

Sumo competitions are over. In the lightweight golden medals, both men and women, went in the asset of Japanese team.

Arslan Bagunov hopes for revenge in semi finals

Arslan Bagunov (Russia) is delighted with his win against Muhammad Kadir (Malaysia) in Muay Thai quarter finals but hopes to have revenge against his old enemy in the next round.

Tea Donguzashvili: «I can make an objective esteem of our chances, and they are rather poor. I'll try to put my girls in a struggling mood!»

The senior coach of the Russian women's Judo team shared her expectations of the team tournament semifinal.

Viktor Slavinskyi: Big competition and big emotions

Semifinalist of the Savate competition Viktor Slavinskyi from Ukraine who has beaten Timur Kosopalov from Russia in quaterfinal by the score of 3:0 shared his impressions from first fight at the World Combat Games.

Natalia Dyachkova: I want to stand on the winner's podium and hear national anthem of Russia

Semifinalist of the Muay Thai competition Natalia Dyachkova told about her impressions from her first fight at the World Combat Games.

Oksana Kizhnerova: I know my semifinal opponent. I can't lose!

Semifinalist of the Muay Thai competition Oksana Kizhnerova shared her impressions abour her won in the first fight versus Michelle Louise Preston from New Zealand.

Judo lessons

Olympic Champions Giving Master Classes On St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex Judo Mat.

Sumo. Second day

Sumo tournament continues in St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex.

Muay Thai. October, 19. Preview of competition day

Muay Thai competitions at the World Combat Games begins with quarter finals in eleven categories (eight for men and three for women) on October, 19.

Savate. October, 19. Preview of competition day

On October, 19 savate competitions at the World Combat Games begin with quarter finals in six weight categories (Combat) and in Canne de Combat (stick fighting) discipline as well.

SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 is officially opened

Dmytry Kozak, the chairman of the Organising Committee for the SportAccord World Combat Games, has declared the WCG open today.

From dohyo to tatami. Announcement

This Saturday, the 19 of October, in St. Petersburg SKK the masters of judo will come on a tatami. Besides, the sumo competition will continue - now in a lightweight rounds and in open division rounds.

Summoning the Sumo Spirit in the at St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex

World Combat Games opened on October, 18. First day in St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex was entirely devoted to sumo: it showed the strongest in women's and men's middleweight and heavyweight. The final results are as follows:

Anna Zhigalova: the second gold at the SWCG

Russian sumotori Anna Zhigalova won in the heavyweight category, having beaten Ivanna Berezovska from Ukraine to become a two-time champion of the tournament.

Mongolia's Gold

In quarterfinals of the heavyweight sumo tournament shone Alan Karaev: in a few seconds after the start of the match he literally threw his opponent Natsagdorj Dugersuren out of the dohyo.

Svetlana Panteleeva: «Haven't Doubted In The Win!»

The winner of the women's middleweight sumo tournament shared her impressions of the competition.

Ryo Ito: «Second Tournament – Second Win»

Men's Middleweight competitions are over. Athelets from Japan, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine wrestled for two bronze medals along with silver and gold.

Russian gold. Women's Middleweight Sumo Semifinals and Finals

Women's middleweight sumo tournament ended with the triumph of Russian wrestler Svetlana Panteleeva.

LIVE The World Combat Games 2013 Opening press conference

Press conference will take place on October 18th at 5.00 pm, address - Saint Petersburg, Shpalernaya str., 37A. ITAR-TASS press center.

Men's Middleweight Sumo Preliminary Matches Finished in St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex

Wrestlers from 4 states – Russia, Mongolia, Ukraine and Japan – are to fight for the gold medal.

Women's Middleweight Sumo Rounds of 16 and Quarterfinals

First day of the World Combat Games week started in St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex with women's sumo in middleweightto heat up the dohyo from the very beginning.

Great people in Saint-Petersburg Sport and Concert Complex

World Combat Games in St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex open with an oddity originating from Japan: sumo – wrestling for serious people.

Announcement: Sambo. October 18

The competition program of the World Combat Games will begin in the sports Complex Arena. Wrestlers will compete for awards in two weight categories for women and one for men.

High quality of boxing to be expected in St. Petersburg

The second edition of the Sportaccord World Combat Games will be starting in St. Petersburg on this Friday while its boxing competition on Sunday October 20.

"Children draw St. Petersburg" to welcome the World Combat Games participants

A surprise is in store for all delegates of the World Combat Games!

Strong US squad is ready for the Games

The women boxing delegation of the United States of America contains three tough and experienced boxers who are on the top of the world and has got excellent expectations to win their weight classes in the upcoming Sportaccord World Combat Games which to be scheduled in St. Petersburg, Russia from October 18.

Last minute to register for International Forum - "Martial Arts and Combat Sports in Society"

Registration is closing tomorrow so reserve your seat at this great event!

CITY TOUR PASS: book your tour programme for Saint Petersburg visit

CITY TOUR PASS is a popular tourist programme, offering one-time free admission to main museums of Saint-Petersburg: the State Hermitage, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the State Russian Museum, Peterhof and Tsarskoye Selo State Museums-Reserves.

Wrestling Ambassador Aleksandr Karelin promises to show the diversity of his sport

Aleksandr Karelin was nominated as the Ambassador of Wrestling by the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles. He is a legend of Wrestling and it is an honour to have him represent Wrestling at the 2013 World Combat Games.

The 2013 WCG medals presented

The presentation of the medals of the World Combat Games 2013 has taken place in St. Petersburg. There will be 135 sets of medals to compete for in total.

Register for International Forum - "Martial Arts and Combat Sports in Society"

High quality programme, unique location and esteemed speakers.

“RealPlayer” Programme to Educate World Combat Games Athletes About Integrity

The 2013 World Combat Games, taking place from 18-26 October in Saint Petersburg, will be used as a platform to raise awareness among all the participating athletes on the risks and rules related to sports betting and match-fixing.

Don “The Dragon” Wilson is Kickboxing Ambassador of 2013 World Combat Games

It is a great honour to have “The Dragon” represent Kickboxing at 2013 World Combat Games. Wilson had a long and successful career in the ring.

Somrak Khamsing - Muaythai Ambassador

Somrak needs no introduction to the fighting world: renowned Muaythai practitioner; Olympic gold medallist; movie star; and TV presenter.

Karina Aznavourian is the Fencing Ambassador of 2013 World Combat Games

The Sports Ambassadors Programme of 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games is pleased to announce Karina Aznavourian as one of its Ambassadors. She was appointed this honour by the Federation Internationale d’Escrime (FIE).

Kendo athletes qualified for 2013 World Combat Games

The International Kendo Federation has announced the names of athletes qualified to compete in 2013 World Combat Games in Saint Petersburg. The competitions in Kendo will be held from 20-22 October 2013.

IFMA officially launches SportAccord World Combat Games E-learning Programme

September 13th in Bangkok, Thailand, will mark the official world launch of the World Combat Games Programme, called “RealPlayer”.

Spartak Arena Opens in Saint Petersburg

Yesterday, the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko, The Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, accompanied by politicians and sports officials, as well as well-known athletes participated in the opening ceremony of the new Spartak sports complex on Krestovskiy Island in St. Petersburg.

Wrestling back in the Olympics

Wrestling wins vote and will remain on the Olympic programme

Fedor Emelianenko announced as FIAS' Ambassador

World Combat Games kicks off Ambassador Programme

IFMA announces the 51KG female hopefuls for WCG 2013

The International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) annouced the female athletes who will compete in the 51kg category at the World Combat Games in St. Petersburg, Russia.

FISav athletes qualify to compete at the World Combat Games

The Federation Internationale de Savate has announced the names of 88 athletes from 26 countries who have qualified to compete in the World Combat Games.

Qualified FIE athletes to compete at 2013 World Combat Games

The list of qualified athletes from the International Fencing Federation (FIE) to compete at the 2013 World Combat Games 18-26 October 2013 in Saint Petersburg, Russia has been announced yesterday.

Judo World Championships Day 1 recap from Rio

Two world champions were crowned on day one as the women’s -48kg and men’s –60kg judoka took to the tatami to launch the competition which is the first World Championships since 2011 as judo starred at the London 2012 Olympic Games last year.

IJF President Mr. Marius Vizer eyes successful Judo World Championships

IJF President Mr. Marius Vizer shared his thoughts and expectations for the 2013 World Championships on Thursday ahead of the IJF Congress which will take place at the Sofitel Hotel on Friday.

Photo Contest launched - Best Victory Moment!

The 2013 World Combat Games has launched a photo contest on Facebook asking fans of all combat sports to post their best victory moment.

Winner of the Facebook Photo Contest announced!

The 2013 World Combat Games launched a photo contest encouraging fans to post their 'Favorite Combat Sport' to the SportAccord's Facebook fan page wall.

Russian National Muaythai Championships

The Russian Muaythai Championships will be held in Kemerovo at the Kuzbass Arena (Gagarina st., 124) from the 18th to 22nd of August with the participation of some 150 athletes from more than 30 Russian regions.

The 2013 Judo Cadet World Championship Highlights

The four-day competition, which attracted 77 countries and 530 judoka, was high on quality as several outstanding talents stamped their mark on the biggest competition of their budding careers. Judo fans around the world were introduced to the sport’s leading young judoka who are on way their way to becoming household names in judo.

Italian and Russian golden after the first finals at the FIE World Championships

Italian Ariana Errigo and Russian Veniamin Reshetnikov took the gold with amazing performance at the centennial world championships.

2013 World Fencing Championships in Budapest

The 2013 FIE World Championships competitions will take place 5-12 August in Budapest, Hungary.

FILA rankings provide state of the sport snapshots

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY, Switzerland – The International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA) decided this spring to create a world rankings list of the top wrestlers for the three Olympic styles to promote wrestling in the media, the 177 national wrestling federations and among fans worldwide.

Technical delegates of 15 IFs meet with SportAccord

The 2-day meetings take place in Lausanne and discuss preparation progress to the World Combat Games.

SportAccord Director General is positive about preparations for the World Combat Games

Last week SportAccord Director General Vlad Marinescu and SportAccord Multi-Sports Games Executive Director George Yerolimpos, made a visit to Saint Petersburg. Together with Pavel Zhuravlev, Head of the 2013 World Combat Games Directorate, they inspected the official venues and hotels of the 2013 World Combat Games.

AIBA EC awards 2015 World Championships to the city of Doha

On Day Two of its 2013-2014 Meeting, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Executive Committee (EC) awarded the 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships to the city of Doha (Qatar).

Progress of preparations for 2013 World Combat Games

The 2013 World Combat Games Directorate and SportAccord met in Lausanne from 18-19 July in further preparations to the event.

Choue re-elected as World Taekwondo Federation President

Chungwon Choue has been re-elected to serve a fourth four-year term as President of the World Taekwondo Federation at the organisation's general assembly in Puebla. The 65-year-old South Korean held on to his seat at the top of the sport's world governing body unopposed after his only challenger Hong Moon-Jong, a member of South Korea's National Assembly, pulled out of the race for the position last week, despite controversially calling for a "single candidacy" – that would have seen Choue to step aside to give him a free run at the Presidency – earlier this year.

Broadcasting the World Combat Games to over 50 countries worldwide

The audience of the 2013 World Combat Games will not be limited to hundreds of thousands citizens and visitors of St. Petersburg in October. The competitions will be aired live to all of Russia as well as 50 other countries worldwide. VGTRK (The Russian State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company) will be the official broadcaster of the World Combat Games for Russia while IEC In Sports, a media company active in distribution of television rights to sport events, will support international broadcasting and TV rights on all continents.

Tickets are now on sale for the 2013 World Combat Games!

The 2013 World Combat Games Directorate in partnership with Russia's leading ticket operator Kassir.ru, launched the online sales program. The price of tickets range from €7- €125.


We have a very important milestone - 100 days until the start of the SportAccord World Combat Games 2013.

FIE World Championships 2013 in Budapest

In a mere month's time, the 2013 FIE World Championships competitions will kick off in Budapest, Hungary. More than 800 fencers are expected in Hungary’s capital to determine who is best in the world of fencing in twelve title events from 5 -12 August

FILA 2013 Junior European Championships

The 2013 Junior European Championship will start next week in Skopje, Macedonia.



“The economy of sport and sports business” press conference in Saint Petersburg.

June 27 - Saint Petersburg. World Combat Games is an example of expert marketing and business partnership. A round table press conference, called “Sport as a national idea and the economy of sport and sports business” took place at the Astoria hotel in Saint Petersburg

Karate to participate in the 2015 European Games

The WKF President Antonio Espinós, in his quality of European Karate Federation President, has travelled to Baku (Azerbaijan) to officially formalize the participation of Karate in the 2015 European Games. This project was approved last December in Rome by the General Assembly of the European Olympic Committees (EOC) presided by Mr. Patrick Hickey.

Pan American SAMBO championship 2013

Panama City, Panama - The Pan American Sambo Championships were held in Panama on 15-16, June 2013

The 2013 World Combat Games Official Carrier «Transaero» wins World Airline Awards 2013

The prestigious British agency Skytrax held the World Airline Awards ceremony at Paris Air Show on June 18th 2013. The Official Carrier of the 2013 World Combat Games won the award in the “Most Improved Airline” category. It is the first Russian airline to win the award in this category, the carrier’s press-service reports.

Judo Grand Prix, Miami 2013 - DAY 1

The opening day of the first Judo Grand Prix in America captivated the iconic tourist resort of Miami as the stars of the World Judo Tour competed at the Doral Legends Ballroom on Saturday.

IJF and USA Judo hold training clinics in Miami with Judo stars

The IJF and USA Judo teamed up to hold training clinics on Wednesday and Thursday to ensure the first Miami Grand Prix will create a lasting legacy for the sport in the city.

Special thanks from new SportAccord President

IJF President Mr. Marius L. VIZER shares a special message to the sport family after being elected as the new SportAccord President

FILA pleased that IOC shortlisted wrestling

Saint Petersburg, Russia – Nenad Lalovic, the newly elected President of FILA, expressed the organization’s satisfaction following the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Executive Board decision to include wrestling as one of the sports under consideration for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Marius Vizer elected as new SportAccord President

The General Assembly of SportAccord has elected Marius Vizer as the new President of SportAccord. The appointment is effective immediately after the closing of the Statutory General Assembly. This term will be held until 2015.

A sneak peak into all the World Combat Sports

All 15 sports which will participate in the 2013 World Combat Games were demonstrated at the SportAccord Convention

A successful press conference on the preparation of the World Combat Games at the SportAccord Convention

“Preparation for SportAccord World Combat Games” Press-Conference took place today, 27.05.2013 at the SportAccord Convention in St. Petersburg, Russi

The International Judo Federation is pleased to announce Ezio Gamba as its Judo Ambassador for the 2013 World Combat Games

Mr. Ezio Gamba has been appointed the Judo Ambassador for the 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games Ambassador Programme.

Kickboxing - Word Cup activities

WAKO is in the middle of its World Cup circuit as we are every year and the numbers of the activity is at a top level. World Cups as Austrian Classics, Irish Open, World Cup Szeged and Best Fighter in Rimini really concentrate the activities in Europe in this spring period as a preparation to the World Championships later this year.

Invitation to World Combat Games 2013 Press Conference

SportAccord and 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games Directorate invites media to attend the press conference “Preparation of the World Combat Games in Saint Petersburg, Russia, October 18 – 26, 2013” which will take place during the SportAccord Convention.

The VI International Congress «Sport, People and Health» will be held within the framework of the Cultural Program

The VI International Congress «Sport, People and Health» will be held in St. Petersburg (Russia) on October 18-20, 2013 within the framework of the Cultural Program of the SportAccord World Combat Games 2013.

Yoshimitsu Takeyasu nominated as Kendo Ambassador for the 2013 World Combat Games

The International Kendo Federation is pleased to announce Yoshimitsu Takeyasu as its Kendo Ambassador for the 2013 World Combat Games.

Invitation to World Combat Games 2013 Press Conference

SoprtAccord and 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games Directorate invites your media to attend the press conference “Preparation of the World Combat Games in Saint Petersburg, Russia, October 18 – 26, 2013” which will take place during the SportAccord Convention.

Russian boxer Mekhontcev, takes home the gold

Finland's first international competition of 2013, the Gee Bee Tournament, was held in Helsinki last weekend where women boxers competed in two weight categories.


The WCG 2013 Sports Ambassadors represent International Sports Federations and are appointed for a special and a very noble assignment – to become a symbol of the Sport.

The 2013 Cadet and Junior Fencing World Championships closed today

Porec, 15 April 2013 – On the last of the 2013 Cadet and Junior World Championships, the USA and Italy won the titles in women’s sabre and men’s foil. More than 1100 young athletes age 13-20 took part in the 10-day event in Porec, Croatia

Children's painting competition kick's off the World Combat Games' cultural program

The cultural program of SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 started with the children’s painting competition in St. Petersburg.


Poreč, 5 April 2013 – From 6 to 15 April, the world’s best cadet and junior fencers will gather in Poreč, Croatia, to compete in the 2013 Fencing Cadet and Junior World Championships.


The 2013 Asian Juniors & Cadets Championships were held from 3 to 11 March 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. Overall, 675 participants participated in the events, 310 cadets and 365 juniors, all weapons included, representing 34 countries. This is a record of participation in the Asian Juniors & Cadets Championships, which proves that fencing has been significantly developing in Asia.


On the occasion of the IFMA World Muaythai Kids & Junior Championships in Istanbul, Natalie Mills, DFSU Project Manager, was invited by IFMA to give a presentation to coaches and national federation executives on how to prevent doping.


The presentation of the Licensing Program of the World Combat Games 2013 took place in Moscow “Crocus City” exhibition Centre. It is a startup of the powerful promotion of a Multi-Sports Event brand which already attracted the attention of major Russian companies.

Vladimir Putin visits World Combat Games 2013 training session at Sambo-70 martial arts center

President Vladimir Putin inspected the fitness of Russian national combat teams to take part in World Combat Games 2013, during the official opening of a new multipurpose building at the Sambo-70 on Wednesday, 13.

Croatian Minister of Sport Meet with the IJF President in Budapest

The IJF President welcomed the Croatian Judo Federation together with the Minister of Science, Education and Sport and his deputy, in Budapest, for an important meeting.

Launch of the official website of the 2013 Fencing World Championships in Budapest

Lausanne, 11 March 2013 – The English version of the official event website of the 2013 Fencing World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, has been launched.

Masha and the Bear became World Combat Games 2013 mascots

On March 4, the logo and the mascots for World Combat Games 2013 were unveiled in the President Hall of RIA «Novosti» agency. Head of the Games Directorate Pavel Zhuravliov, Director General of «Animaccord» company Dmitry Loveyko, world five-time sumo champion Alan Karayev and world two-time wushu champion Daria Tarasova took part in the conference.

Istanbul, March 13th-17th: Muaythai Kids & Juniors World Championships

The lovely city of Istanbul will soon be hosting the IFMA World Muaythai Kids & Junior Championships in a celebration of fun and cultural exchange, with some friendly competition.

Muaythai Day 2013

This year the Muaythai Day festival in Thailand was organized with the joint cooperation of the Royal Thai Government, National Culture Com-mission, Ministry of Culture and IFMA and the WMC.

FIE Executive Committee confirms qualification system for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games and the 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games

The Executive Committee of the International Fencing Federation (FIE) confirmed the qualification systems for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing (CHN) and the 2013 SportAccord World Combat Games in St-Petersburg (RUS) during its session in Lausanne this weekend.

Thai Culture Minister Vows to help Muaythai Grow Internationally

The newly appointed Culture Minister of Thailand, HE Mr. Sontaya Kunplome, who was the Sports Minister at the time when IFMA successfully became GAISF (SportAccord) recognised, hosted a special meeting at the ministry with the President of the World Muaythai Council (WMC), General Chetta Thanajaro, the President of the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand (AMTAT) and International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA), Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, the General Secretary of IFMA, Mr. Stephan Fox, and many other notable representatives.

Specialized endowment fund to support veterans fencing created

Mr. Alisher Usmanov, FIE President, announced that a “Specialized Endowment Fund to Support Veterans Fencing” has been created. The Fund is capitalized with USD 10 000 000, the amount allocated by the International Charity Fund For the Future of Fencing and donated by Mr. A. Usmanov, who has become the Fund’s Trustee.