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Ju-Jitsu is a generic term for an almost indefinable system of fighting, primarily unarmed, but in some instance using weapons. Ju-Jitsu techniques are including of punching, kicking, striking, throwing, holding, locking, choking and tying as well as the use of certain weapons. Ju-Jitsu does not rely on brute strength but upon skill and finesse. It is the use of minimum effort to achieve maximum effect. Applying this principle enables anyone, regardless of physique or stature, to control and release their energy to its greatest potential.

International Ju Jitsu Federation (JJIF) 

JJIF President: Panagiotis Theodoropoulus
JJIF General Secretary: Dana Mihaela Murgescu


The qualifying events for the SA-WCG 2013 are:
Year 2011:
• Paris Open - April 16-17, France
• Continental Championships - June 4-6
• Balkan Championship - September 24-25, Cyprus
• German Open - October 1-2, Germany
• World Championship (Senior) - October 15-16, Colombia
• World Championship (Junior) - November 11-13, Belgium
• Mediterranean Open - December 10, Spain
Year 2012:
• Foto Ru Open - February 17-18, Russia
• European Open Cup - March 24, Germany
• Paris Open - April 28-29, France
• German Open - October 6-7, Germany
• Balkan Open Championship - October 13-14, Romania
• St. Petersburg Open - October 20-21, Russia
• Mediterranean Open - October 27-28, Slovenia
• World Championship - November 29 - December 2, Austria
• Continental Championships
For events of same level only, the Event that gives the highest points among the different participations will be taken into account.

Ju-Jitsu at the World Combat Games 2010

Weight categories:
Men: - 62kg, -69kg, -77kg, -85kg, -94kg, +94kg
Women: -55kg, -62kg, -70kg, +70kg

Couples of men, women and mix (one woman, one man) The competition format is a double knock out system.

International Ju Jitsu Federation (JJIF)